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Week 24/1/22

Start to learn this week's spellings.                                                                                   
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This week, you will be writing an unaided non- chronological report on where you will be writing about one of the following 4 animals.





To gather the information to include in your report you need to research the areas on the sheet.

Research sheet

 Today, you need to plan your report.

1. Layout of text

2. Order of facts

3. List the features of writing you need to include and which part of the text would be the most suitable for it. 

(Look at the Year 5 writing band letter to help)

Writing ladder



 Writing your unaided non-chronological report on the animal you chose earlier this week. 

Remember to look at the Year 5 writing ladder on yesterday's to include the relevant features. 

Continue writing your unaided non-chronological report on the animal you chose earlier this week. 

Remember to look at the Year 5 writing ladder on yesterday's to include the relevant features. 



Complete and edit non-chronological report. Use a dictionary and thesaurus (online ones are good) to help editing. 






Open the link below to access next weeks spelling words. Use different strategies to practise each work. 

Spelling homework


As well as converting decimals and fractions, this week we are going to see how percentages corresponds to them .

Work through the following link to get an understanding of percentages. 

Introduction to percentages


 More guidance on how to convert decimals/fractions and percentages.

Watch this video first 

Teaching video


Then complete the following questions. 




 Work through this teaching video to build your understanding of percentages.

Teaching Video


Stop the video to complete the questions below at the places it says. 



There isn't any maths today as we have a planetarium visiting (so sorry if you are missing this!)

Here are some planetarium links to look through. 



Star Constellations

Planetarium type video


Have a go at the arithmetic quiz and then mark it using the answers.


Arithmetic quiz





 This week's spellings to start to learn. 


 Work through the video link below to recap this spelling rule. 

Spelling rule


 Please read the first and second page extract from, 'The Clockwork Crow' by Dan Smith. Read a couple of times to improve fluency and highlight/write down words you are unfamiliar with to look up online or in a dictionary. Text to read


Read the complete extract of 'The Clockwork Crow', by Dan Smith to improve fluency and stamina. 

Test mark for 

Questions you may have?(write out the questions you have)

Surprise elements of the extract!

Any parts you can picture think happening in your head. Thought cloud


Practise learning this week's spelling and remembering the rule f, fe change to ves (and know the exceptions). 


Spellings on Monday's reading section. 





Today we are going to continue using the computer program 

log in using your class pin and nickname given in the last lesson. 



 We are going to follow one of the lessons today so: 

1. Click learn in the top right tab.

2. click lessons in the middle.

3. Then we are going to make our own mine craft glasses. 


Make sure to change the file name in the top left hand corner to 'lesson3yourname'


 This half term we will be appraising and learning the rap of 'The Fresh prince of bel air'. 


Open the link and have a listen to the song and have a go at rapping along. 

Fresh prince of Bel Air video


If you would prefer the lyrics in front of you rather than on the screen using the link below. 




Work through the powerpoint on what latitude and longitude lines are and how they are used to locate places around the World. Lines or latitude and longitude





This half term,  our weather has been about the weather and language to say, read and write these words and sentences.


Work through this video to practise these. 


Weather in French



Today we are looking at data handling. 


Work your way through the powerpoint and make a prediction for the scientific question provided. Then using the data provided, create 2 bar graphs for the information. 




Data to plot on graphs


After you have created the bar graphs, write a conclusion for what you have found out. 

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