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Remote Learning

During the current school closures we will be providing daily learning activities for children via the website.  Each year group will have its own Remote Learning page which will be updated daily. 

Read more about our Remote Learning Offer.

If at all possible, it would be helpful if your child had a daily routine. Setting times to work and have breaks will help their learning and also encourage them to use their free time more effectively.

Children will have been provided with exercise books to complete this in.

As a school we subscribe to a number of websites that can also be accessed at home. Some of these may be part of the learning activities set but they can also be used for any extra work which families may wish to complete.

They are:


All subjects and Coding


Username student12009

password ecps12

Purple Mash Purple Mash Children have own log in details
TT Rockstars (KS2 only) TT Rockstars Children have own log in details


A couple of websites use in school have decided to allow parents to access their resources for free during the school closure. They have provided codes for you to enter as you register.

Phonics Play

Interactive phonics activities for all phases

Phonics Play

Username:  march20

Password:  home



Other useful websites (Please note that some of these require you to create an account, some of which need a subscription. We recommend that you select a free trial for a limited time period instead of paying.)

David Walliams- new audio story released daily Daily Audio Story
Reading, English and maths Oxford Owl

Phonics Play

Short comics linked to different sounds each phase

Phonics Play Comics
Reading Love Reading 4 Kids
All curriculum areas BBC Bitesize
All curriculum areas, maths is particularly good Top Marks
Lots of information, quizzes and fun facts and activities for all subjects DK findout!
Storybooks Brought to Life Vooks Storybooks

The Body Coach- Fit in 5!

5 minute exercise routines created for children

Body Coach Fit in 5


Workout routines for children


Cosmic Kids

Yoga routines for children

Cosmic Kids

Yoga at school- it says for children with or without autism; it is suitable for all and free but requires an account to be set up

Yoga at school

Healthy ideas from the NHS

Change 4 Life

Wellbeing and mindfullness activities


Essex Library Services

Information about free online services

Essex Library Service Information

LEGO challenges

100+ things to do with LEGO


In order to help explain the Coronavirus to your child you can download this information leaflet that is aimed at children of Primary School age. 

Child Friendly Explanation

If your child is concerned about the Coronavirus these World Health Organization leaflets may be of help.

Advice WHO

Latest Notices


We are very excited to announce the launch of our mobile app! The app works alongside our new website to help keep you all updated on important news, events, photos and information about the school. You can find moreon the 'Mobile App' page of the website.