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Boydell's Dairy Farm


Yesterday Year 1 went to Boydell's Dairy Farm to learn about farm animals. It was the best day of my life!

First we travelled by a double decker bus. Then we found a shelter and put our bags on the bench and sat down. Then Farmer Emma came and she told us how to keep safe around the farm and then not long after we saw a sheep give birth to a baby lamb and I loved it! Then we fed the goats and the pony. After that I took some pictures of the class milking the cow called Sweetheart and then we saw other cows. Then Emma fed two calves and one of them licked Emma's hand a lot.

Then we fed some more goats and then we fed the alpaca and we saw the pigs have their breakfast and then we saw some horses. After that we fed the chickens then we had our lunch.

After that we fed a lamb a bottle of milk and had a lamb on our lap and took a rabbit for a little run and stroked it. After that we held a chick and stroked the kitten and stroked a goat. At the end we went back and got our bags and put our school shoes on and went on a double decker bus back to school.

I loved it a very very very lot because I got to join in!



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