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Cross Country Round 2

On 27th March, a group of select pupils attended the 2nd round of Cross Country at Tabor Academy in Braintree. We know for a fact that everyone tried their hardest.


Cassia, a Year 3 runner, was an individual who kept her pace consistently throughout the whole race. Despite others walking and slowing down around corners, she ran the whole way.

Brody, Charlie, Max, Olly and Sonnie, Year 4 boy runners, all participated as a group. Like Cassia, they were able to keep at their own pace all the way through.

Chloe.C, Isobell, Martha, Harriet, Jessie and Elise, competed in the Year 6 girl race. Their race was a longer course than the others but they still kept running throughout the entire thing. Everyone should be proud of their place. Congratulations to Isobell for winning her race and qualifying for the Essex Finals after Easter.


By Martha and Isobell

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