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Nick Butterworth

Bodhi and Jennifer say:

On Monday 25th March, Nick Butterworth came into our school. He drew a cheeky crocodile with beady eyes, crocodiles are his favourite animal! We said that monkeys were our favourite. He told us a story about a crocodile fighting a lion.

He drew 4 boxes that looked like window and drew faces with different emotions to show he makes people feel when they read his books. The faces were happy, sad, worried and excited. Then he showed us how he colours the pictures.

Nick Butterworth showed us how he writes his books. His writing is quite scruffy and lots of it is crossed out before it goes into the book.

His new book is called A Spring Day. It isn’t out yet but he read it to us- it was very funny because everything was stuck to the sticky fox. Nick Butterworth signed our Percy the Park Keeper books and some of us paid for books that he signed.

We had so much fun.

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