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Year 5 Greek Day


On the 5th of June 2019, Year 5 had a Greek day at Earls Colne Primary School where a man came in and helped us learn lots about the Ancient Greeks.

During the morning, we were able to choose our activities such as: soap carving, squeezing oil from olives to burn a lamp, making a wax tablet, designing a clay bracelet, creating a mosaic and tile painting.  As it was Greek day, everybody wore Greek costumes and sandals with straps. Some of the girls even braided their hair for the occasion!

After we had seen the activities, I decided to do the mosaic which was beautiful, bright and colourful. To make this, I used glue to stick the green, blue and red tiles on to the cardboard. Amazingly, to make it even better, I did a pattern and I added powder that made it look sandy like a beach.

Next, we made a tile painting which was fantastic it was of a Dolphin. It looked like it was leaping out of the water.

In the afternoon, four children were chosen to be slaves and learnt to prepare and serve food. The rest of us were split in to three groups and had half an hour to learn a short play. Then, we went back in to the hall and performed them in our Greek theatre. Finally, we had a feast. We tried: olives, feta cheese, figs, dates, bread, pomegranate and honey cake and also drank some wine (which was really blackcurrant).

I had a great day and learnt lots!


By Emilia

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