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Our Houses

At Earls Colne Primary School all children are placed in one of our houses as soon as they join the school.

Throughout their time in school children can earn House Points which are collected each week by our House Captains and the results are announced in our Heroes Assembly every Friday morning.

There are also a number on inter-house competitions and on Sports Day children earn points for themselves and their house.

Each house is represented by a colour and an animal. Children in each house had the opportunity to vote for the animal that they wanted to represent them.

House Captains

Every year, Year 6 children have the opportunity to stand for election as a House Captain.

They give a speech to the Year 5 and 6 members of their house and then an election takes place. The winners become the House Captains.

House Captains have a number of jobs in school: every week we collect the team points from every classroom; we are in charge of coming into school early and selling Poppies; we meet and talk with parents who come and visit us in our open week; putting out play equipment; and give out certificates in assembly.


In our vote to choose the animal we wanted to represent us, the Dolphin won easily! We all felt that a Dolphin would do well at school because they are: determined; work as a team; are patient; show respect to their peers; are resilient; and always have lots of fun.


Members of the ‘Green’ house decided to be called Eagles as we felt that they have a number of character traits that would help us become good learners. Eagles have a strong work ethic and are determined to succeed; they are brave and will stand up for themselves; they are extremely intelligent; can solve difficult problems by not giving up; and are proud and graceful.


We wanted an Otter to represent us because they: work well as a team; are strong and confident; never give up; enjoy playing together; are fun to be around; and come up with interesting ways of getting things done.  We feel that if we work as hard as Otters do, we will be very successful.

Wolves- Yellow

If we want to do our very best in school, we need to be like a Wolf! Wolves: work together as part of a team in order to succeed; stand up for other wolves; are patient; show resilience and perseverance; look after the younger members of their pack; and have good communication skills.

 This year's House Captains:


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