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School Council

The School Council is our committee made up of two children from each of the classes throughout the school.

To become a School Council member, you need to explain why you would be a good class representative to your classmates and then they vote for who they feel would be the best person.

Mr Woodcock is in charge of the School Council and he holds meetings every other week where we discuss issues that we think are important and ways that we could improve the school.

This year the school council are responsible for the charitable work that the school does. They will be deciding which events to support and how the school will raise money for charities like Children in Need and Comic Relief.


Children in Need

This year we took part in the 'Bearpee Challenge' that Joe Wickes gave to all the schools in the country. School Council organised the event and counted the totals which came to just over 20,000 Bearpees completed by the whole school in Children in Need week!

Things that we have done in the past include:

  • Choosing the play equipment that we should have in the playground
  • Deciding on what playground markings we should have
  • Voting for the meals that Mrs Edwards puts on the school menu

It is a big honour to be a school councillor and we are proud that we are able to help our school.

Latest Notices

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Our middle phase really pulled it out of the bag with incredible performances for the school and their families.