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School Trips

Amongst our favourite days throughout the school year are our school trips or visits.

If you want to go on a school trip from the comfort of your own home, click on the links below and experience some of the world's best museums, locations that inspired the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and even step foot on a different planet!

Use our Purple Mash blogs to let us know where you visited and how you enjoyed it.


The Natural History Museum

Blue Whale  Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Virtual Tour


The World Of Harry Potter

Take a trip to some of the locations that inspired the stories and locations where the films were shot.

Celebrating Harry Potter


The Roald Dahl Museum

 Go on a guided tour and find out a bit more about one of the world's most popular children's authors ever.

Roald Dahl Museum


Colchester Zoo

The car park may be empty and the turnstiles are closed but that doesn't mean the zookeepers haven't been busy. This link will take you to the zoo's YouTube channel where there are lots of videos of the animals and keepers.


Windsor Castle

Have a peek around the world's oldest inhabited castle!

The Queen often stays there at the weekend but due to the lockdown she isn't able to go there at the moment (she's probably looking at the virtual tour just like you!)

Tour Of Windsor Castle


London Zoo

From the comfort of your own home, burrow, nest or perch you can explore the lives of the wonderful creatures at London Zoo.

Webcams And Live Streams    ZSL YouTube Channel


The British Museum

Walk through 60 galleries where you can watch, listen and learn all about the Egyptians and their bizarre mummifications, the Romans' glutinous habits and much much more.

Online Tour  Explore The Museum


London's Art Galleries

 Whilst you're in London (virtually) why not take a stroll around one- or more- of the amazing art galleries in the capital.

National Portrait Gallery The National Gallery  Courtald Gallery Tate Modern

Buckingham Palace

The Queen might not be at Windsor Castle but you mind find her at Buckingham Palace. But as there are 775 rooms there you might be able to spot her (it must be great playing and seek There)!

Step Inside Buckingham Palace


Edinburgh Castle

Take a trip north of the border and visit one of the most imposing castles in the world- take care as they fire a cannon everyday at 1:00pm.

Walk Around Edinburgh Castle



Explore one of the world's most mysterious places- just how did those stones get there?

Inside The Stone Circle


The Roman Baths

Dip your toes (be careful it might be a bit warm) in one of Britain's two naturally hot springs in the beautiful city of Bath. The other hot well can be found in the Hotwells area of Bristol!

Tour Of The Baths


San Diego Zoo


View the live webcams and see just why Marty, Alex, Gloria and Melman were desperate to move to one of the world's best zoos.

San Diego Zoo


The Smithsonian 

Enjoy a night at the museum (it is where the film was set) or preferably an afternoon exploring one of America's greatest museums - can you spot of the characters from the film?

Smithsonian Tour


The Surface of Mars

A literal and metaphorical trip that is out of this world!


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