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Take A Break!

When you are busy working, it is always important to take a break. Have a drink. Eat a biscuit (or 3). Do something to chill out and relax.


To help you, we will upload videos of things that we think are great!


They won't be linked to your learning, just things that have impressed us and we think you will like.


Miss Smy saw this on Facebook and thought some of you might like to try it! Collect some stones, paint them and create your own flower garden like this... 



For all of those that really enjoy being active. We are going to share with you some different activities to have a go at over the next few weeks. The activities are based around 4 areas: athletics, artistic, aiming and adventure. 

This week, why not have a go at some of the adventure skills. Use the link below to choose your activity. 


   Athletic skills  Artistic skills  Adventure skills   aiming games


As Mrs Ellison knows you are missing her lunchtime headwear she thought she would send you all a little message.




For all the dancers and Strictly fans out there, learn a new routine with Amy... 

 Here's dance class number two for 3-6 year olds...


Here's dance class number two for 7-12 year olds...


For all the Harry Potter fans out there, just type into Google 'Harry Potter at Home.' JK Rowling and her team have built a dedicated space for you to visit, that they will be updating regularly.  This special Harry Potter at Home hub is where you will find lots of exciting things to keep you occupied such as: fun articles, quizzes, puzzles, activity kits and nifty magical craft videos (teach your friends to draw a Niffler!) You can even listen to the first Harry Potter book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for free!

Find an interesting place to read in your house. Collect stones and paint them. Go for a walk/cycle and create a map of your route. Leaf printing
Mini beast hunt in your garden Build a den Create a mini golf course in your garden. Hunt for shapes in your house-2d and 3D.
Create an obstacle course and time how long it takes you and your family to complete.

Create a shadow picture (when the sun comes out!)



Have a sing song- including THAT Spring Chicken songSongs to sing

Lots of ideas from the Scout Association

Great Indoor Ideas


Decorate hard-boiled eggs.


Make a mini Easter garden. All you need is a plate and some imagination... 


Follow these simple steps to draw animals easily... 


How 2!


Do some coin rubbings. Can you turn them into a picture?

Invite a wild animal into your house!


You need to do this on a mobile device. In google just enter the name of one of the following animals- horse, Shetland pony, panda, macaw, pug, turtle, cat, dog, octopus, lion, tiger, cheetah, alligator, shark, hedgehog or duck (there may be others too). Below the Wikipedia entry, there should be an option to 'view in 3D' select this and it will appear on your phone. For some phones this is as far as you can go, on others you can click the button that appears on the screen and you can see the animal in your house.

Complete a scavenger hunt...

Google ' scavenger hunt' and you will find lots of different lists of things to find. 


Name that tree. When out walking, which trees can you name?


Bird watching - how many different birds can you identify in your garden? 







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