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Tom’s Garden

Tom’s Garden is a memorial garden that is part of our school grounds- at the end of our field.




Some of Tom’s family and friends came in and laid over 100m of pathway which means that we are able to use it all through the year. It took a long time clear the whole area and get rid of the nettles before we could get in there.

Tom's Garden is where our Forest School activities take place.

There is a large pond which has decking built over it meaning that we can go on there to do pond dipping and other activities.

Tom’s Garden has got lots of different areas. There are: bug hotels, wild flower areas, wildlife areas, beetle houses, a seating area, flower beds and much more. We have even put the English and Latin names of the trees on all the different species.

A local artist has helped children create pieces of art around the garden, including wire sculptures of an owl and a woodpecker!

Tom’s Garden has already inspired a writing project between ourselves and other local schools which was made into a book. Throughout the year we will all be using Tom’s Garden to help us with our learning in lots of subjects.

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