Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery


At Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery we want children to be happy and enjoy their learning. We understand that joining nursery or school, when you are very young, could be very daunting. Equally leaving a school that you love can also be very difficult. So here at Earls Colne we plan very carefully for these transitions.  

Nursery and EYFS

Children joining our Nursery are invited to an induction meeting with the member of staff who is to be their key person. This is an opportunity for the parents and child to visit the setting together and to share information that will help us to settle the child.


When it is time for children to start school the Reception teachers will do their very best to visit every child in their pre-school setting. Again this helps staff to gather information about a child's interests and needs so that they can prepare for them starting.

Pre-school children are invited to spend two mornings with us in the summer term before they begin so that they become familiar with their classroom, teacher and the other children who will be in their class. We meet with parents before these sessions so that they are able to explain what will happen during these visits to their child

Shortly after the children have joined Reception, an open afternoon is held so that the children can proudly show parents their classroom and all the things that they have been doing.

Joining us mid-year

If a child joins the school mid-year they are invited to spend half a day with us before starting, this gives them the opportunity to meet their classmates and become familiar with the environment. We also invite new entrants to complete a 'Welcome' booklet; this helps us to get to know a little about them. All children joining the school are given a 'buddy' from their own class to support them during the early weeks.


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Moving on

To help prepare for the transition at the end of the primary phase, children in upper Key Stage 2 are invited to take part in activity days at the local secondary schools.



Shortly before they start at their chosen school the children will spend two full days there as part of the familiarisation programme. Additional accompanied visits will be arranged where required. Secondary school staff also visit the children here at Earls Colne.

We are very fortunate in having delightful children and highly skilled staff who together make every child feel welcome and special. Consequently children and their families soon feel that they truly belong.

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