Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery

Lower Phase Year One & Year Two

In Key Stage One we now have four classes, Lions and Tigers are dedicated to Year One and Giraffes and Zebras are Year Two classes.  The teachers do lots of planning together and the children do lots of their learning together.


Every morning when we come into school, we put our reading books, Home School Logs and lunch boxes where they should go and after putting our cards on the board to show what we want for lunch, we can settle into the early morning task, which is on the interactive whiteboard.


We are learning to be more independent!  

Year Two Maths

In maths in year two we use lots of resources to help us learn how to multiply and divide. Here we are learning how to share objects and use the divide sign in number sentences. This is the maths mastery approach that helps us learn what dividing actually looks like with physical objects.

Lower Phase Trip to Hedingham Castle

Year One Maths

Year One Recipe for a Friend

Year One Science

Throughout Autumn Term, we have been very busy.  We have been experimenting with materials to work out which ones are wateproof, we have explored the properties of shape by fitting them together (tessellating), we have been learning about and practising ways to travel, jump and balance.  We also visited Earls Colne library and worked together to draw a story map of The Three Little Pigs.

Here is a gallery showing us hard at work.



Due to continued bad weather, the school will not be participating in the Earls Colne Village Carol service tonight.



Unfortunately, due to sheet ice around and on the school site we have had to make the decision to close the school we would not be able to guarantee the safety of children and staff in the current circumstances.

Click here to find out about our amazing Fireworks Display.  We raised a whopping £6758 for our school.

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