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Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery

UPPER PHASE YR 5/6 2017/18

There are three classes in this phase, AW, SY and KT.  They work together to deliver the curriculum and the phase is split according to ability to teach mathematics.


The teachers plan together and the classes work together as one unit for many aspects of the curriculum.  In this phase there is an increased focus on preparing the children for the next stage of their education.


In the Summer Term, the Year 6 pupils take part in a residential visit and together with Year 5, they put on a great performance. You can see what happened on last year's trip and in the play by clicking on the links.

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Year 5/6 Maths Spring 2018

5/6 DT Bread Making

On Thursday 14th December, Upper Phase made bread using different ingredients to make our loaves unique. Of course, in order for us to get it just right, we had to plan it out first. First of all, we decided what spices or toppings we were going to use. Then we drew the shape and pattern of our bread in our DT books.

After this, we started to create our master-pieces. Mrs Forster (who bakes bread at home) helped us throughout the process. When the buns came out of the oven, we evaluated our bread; most of the class enjoyed trying it but some of us were not as impressed as others.

 Also, to extend our knowledge of bread, the teachers prepared a word search (which was rather tricky) and a quiz about different types of loaf. Some of the names we learnt, are as follows: Bloomers, Cottage Loaf, Brioche, Naan and Fougasse. We also tried others kinds of bread


“I’m very happy with my bread,”- Katie Vincent.

“My bread was gluten free, went rock-solid and was horrific,”- Samuel.

“I really enjoyed the day. I loved that we could have 2 toppings,”- Gabby Bruce.

“It was a great opportunity to use creative skills and be mini bred chefs for the day,”- Jasmine Mckinnon-Dawson.

By Eva Canton and Yvie Turner.   


Take a look at the photo gallery below to see how we got on!



Friday 15th December was the day the upper phase of Earls Colne Primary school raised £428 for The Mary Barron Suite in Colchester General Hospital. For year 5/6, their third extended home learning project of three could be to make a royal themed cake – their current topic was Monarchs of England. The plan was to sell them to parents to raise money. As well as this, the choir would sing original Christmas songs. Preparation began – songs were learnt and rehearsed, and cakes were made. Before we knew it, the day had come, and irresistible cakes of all sorts were placed along the table ready to be demolished. There was a drinks booth to purchase delicious drinks and plastic plates to eat the luxurious cakes. The hall was filled with friendly laughter and chatter as the cakes were scoffed down and the few that weren’t completely gone were sold in the playground and given to the Elderly home

Almost everyone there agreed it was a lovely day and that the teachers made it a brilliant way to end the term.

“It was a great way to raise money for a superb charity” exclaimed Eva and Yvie

“People put so much effort in everything so it turned out amazing!” Quoted Millie

By Iris Stovell and Samuel

Have a peek at the photo gallery below…

During the Autumn Term, the Upper Phase have been using ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’ as a stimulus for their writing. As part of this, the pupils chose a setting from the story and wrote a description of it. Their challenge was to include as many narrative techniques as they could. This included: ‘focus-focus-focus,’ similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification, prepositions, adverbial phrases. See what you can spot in each of the descriptions… 

Jess Papps Narnia 2017.pdf
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Joseph Mackman Narnia 2017.pdf
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Yvie Turner Narnia 2017.pdf
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Show Racism the Red Card Workshop

Thanksgiving 2017

Henry has recently joined us from New York. He very kindly bought in some pumpkin bread and mini pumpkin pies that he had made at home for Thanksgiving and told us all about this American celebration. The class enjoyed hearing all about it and asked him lots of questions.

Monarch Day 2017


Children and staff in the Upper Phase started the year by dressing up as their favourite monarch from British history.  This tied in with the topic for this term.  Below are a few pictures from the day.

Cressing Temple Barns Trip

On Wednesday 11th October, we (The Upper Phase of Earls Colne Primary School) went on what was an amazing trip to Cressing Temple Barns which is near Witham. We went because our current topic is British monarchs so we were finding out what life was like during their reign.

        On the coach, to pass the time, we happily chatted and sang songs with increasing volume. When we arrived, we disembarked from the coach and walked a short distance to the Barley Barn where we were greeted by our guides. Excitedly, we deposited our bags in the barn which is we then learned is the oldest barn in Europe! After we stopped chatting and calmed down, we were separated into our groups and guided to our first activity which we learned was about Tudor food.

        After we had walked down the gravel path, we arrived at our first activity – Tudor food. First, we were learning about what ordinary people ate in Tudor times which was interesting as I had never learnt about it before.  Excitedly, we then proceeded to try a curious assortment of Tudor food (for instance, oatcakes) which most of my group found disgusting unlike William and me who had been savouring every last morsel. Once we had finished eating the food, we were then taken to our next activity which I had been looking forward to because it was the Tudor court.

        After our first activity, we walked up to the now scuffed gravel path to the Tudor court. Interestingly, our guide told us that we were to re-enact a scene from the court. Unfortunately for me, I was to play a criminal who then died of pneumonia in prison. My character had been letting his dogs loose and on three occasions attacked a pig, a cow and on one occasion, a woman! Apart from me, there were four other jobs to do: the jailer, the clerk (which was a hard job as you had to know Latin, French and English, and you had to record the proceedings in the court), the jury and the judge.

        Our final activity before lunch was knight school. I had been looking forward to the activity because it involved archery which is an activity that I enjoy. Without waiting for our guide, my group and I rushed to it. To start off, we tried on some of the incredible knight’s armour. Unlike our other activities, this one was about a period in history that wasn’t the Tudors. This one was about the Knights’ Templar (a group of knights in the Middle Ages). After our briefing on the armour, we then learnt about the arrows that were used in the middle ages. Interestingly, the arrows were rubbed in dirt so they caused infections and were barbed so you couldn’t pull them out of your body. (Isn’t that amazing?) Finally, after waiting for ages, we eventually got round to firing arrows. Although I definitely wasn’t the best, I was one of the most skilled in my group.

        After a quick lunch, we then proceeded to our final activity – Medieval medicine (in the garden). The guide showed us various plants which surprisingly could be used for medicine and in some cases, for food. Two of the most memorable plants were stinging nettles and sage. The stinging nettles could be used for food and drink as you could use it to make tea and soup. The sage could be used for brushing your teeth.

        Finally, after our superb day, we once again had to board the coach and go. My favourite activity was the knight school because I love archery. What a fantastic day we had!


By Toby Wheal (Year 5)

Art Day

The Upper Phase have really enjoyed using their sketching and painting skills to create a self-portrait during their art day.

Some children even used what they had learnt during the art day to create a portrait of a famous monarch for their home school learning project!  Can you guess which famous monarchs and self portraits are below?

Click the link below to access ParentPay.

Click here to find out about our amazing Fireworks Display.  We raised a whopping £6758 for our school.

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