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Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery


The governing body of Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery has a constitution which is in accordance with its instruments of government. The governors are responsible for the school and represent the parents, the County Council and the Local Authority.

The School Governing body is made up of volunteers from the local community (co-opted), Parents, Staff and Local Authority. All Governors serve for a period of four years. All the parents of children in the school are both eligible to stand for the position of Parent Governor when a vacancy occurs and vote in a secret ballot at a Parent Governor election.

The Governors are actively involved in all aspects of school life.

The Role of a Governor

They are the school's accountable body, who oversee policy and practices to ensure the school functions to the highest possible standard. The Governing Body holds the Headteacher to account for the performance of the school.


To monitor and evaluate performance and progress, the school Governors meet regularly, once a term both as a full body and as committees. These meetings will discuss all aspects of the school's performance including absence rates, results, complaints, involvement with the community, the curriculum, staffing, training courses, school budget, health and safety and the school's improvement plan.  

Governors visit the school regulary and participate in actitivies, attend events or meet with Teachers. These visits enable Governors to ensure best practice is in place and being followed as well as ensuring that the school is progressing the school improvement plan.


More details on the Governors, their responsibilities and what they did last year is included in the documents below.

Governors Committees

Governors meet once a term for full Governing Body meetings but also termly in committees:


Pupil Matters, Admissions and Curiculum Committee (PAC)

This committee is responsible for all curriculum policy, issues and reviews school attainment data. The committee contributes to school improvement planning and reviews the progress of annually set priorities.

The committee monitors and evaluates matters related to pupils’ education and welfare including activities relating to the assessment, statementing and review of children with special educational needs in the main school and nursery. The committee is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the school and nursery environment is a safe and happy place.

PAC also implements and reviews the school Admissions Policy to determine admissions for the academic year including nursery admissions.

Current members include: Hannah Marshallsay (Chair), Richard Farnes, Matthew Brown, James Canton, Matt Mackman, Dan Salt and Mike Watson.

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee meets termly and is responsible for all financial matters, as it manages the school budget. It is also responsible for all premises issues, including the upkeep of the buildings and grounds. It considers the long-term needs of the school and nursery and draws up plans on how these can be achieved.

The committee reviews and approves the school’s annual budget, as delegated by the full Governing Body. It then monitors the financial position of the school (including the nursery) on an ongoing basis and recommends appropriate corrective action if there is significant divergence from budget.

The Resources Committee also surveys the condition of the school premises (including the nursery) annually and establishes a programme of repairs and maintenance. It monitors the work undertaken as a result of decisions taken by the committee.


Current members include: Mervyn Rudkins (Chair), George Posner, Matthew Brown, Ben Castell, Mike Watson, Nicola Robinson, Toni Pitt and Laura Stringer.

Pay and Performance (P&P) Committee

The Pay and Performance Committee meets twice a year and is responsible for setting the Pay Policy for the school and also for monitoring and reviewing the administration of the Pay Policy for all categories of staff. P&P ensures that all personnel matters follow best practice and are in line with UK / European law.


Current members include: Ben Castell (Chair), Matthew Brown, Mervyn Rudkins and Hannah Marshallsay.


There are also committees for Discipline/Dismissal (Staff), Discipline Exclusion (Pupils) and Discipline/Dismissal/Pay Appeals that only meet if required.

For full details of Committee membership see the pdf below.

Governors' Committee Membership 2017
Committee Membership 2017-18 September 2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [80.6 KB]
Earls Colne Primary School Governors' Statement 2017
ECPS Governance Statement 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [269.9 KB]
Governor information 2018-2019
Governor Information 2018-2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [296.7 KB]
2016 Annual Governance Statement 2016
Annual Governance Statement 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [328.6 KB]
ECPS Governors News May 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [10.5 MB]

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