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Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery

Home Learning Upper Phase

The Rich, the Royals, and the Spoils

Upper Phase Creative Home-Learning


As part of our home-learning tasks this term and in an attempt to get children more involved in their learning, we have compiled a list of activities generated by the children and linked to our topic.

The children will be expected to choose and complete 3 of these activities by Friday 8th December.  They can bring each one in, as and when it is completed, to share with the class.

We have created two lists. The children have been told that they must complete 1 task from the first list (which are all writing based) and 2 from the second list.

The children have also been reminded that their completed home-learning tasks should be finished to the best of their ability.




  • A fact file on any British monarch (think about your layout and presentation of your handwriting for this task)
  • A diary of a royal servant (you will need to decide which monarch you are the servant of)
  • A poem about a monarch from any historical era
  • A rap about a monarch from any historical era
  • Create a Royal Family word search (the CURRENT Royal Family)
  • Create a Royal Charter - If I were King/Queen I would………(generate new rules for the kingdom)


  • Create a crown (this could fit you and have a special family connection)
  • Paint a royal portrait of any king or queen. (If you choose this task, DO NOT start it until after half term as we will teach you the skills you will need in our Art lessons).
  • Turn yourself into a monarch
  • Create a newsflash about an incident involving the Queen (you might want to research what has happened during the Queen’s reign).
  • Design an outfit for a royal (this could be drawn in detail with appropriate labels and explanations OR could be made as a model with labels and explanations).
  • Bake a cake with a royal theme (you will need to wait for the date on this activity so we can sell them for charity in a cake sale).

This is what we have been creating, so far for our home learning projects this Autumn Term!

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