Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery

When Kes Gray came to visit...

Did you know that famous authors are also Jedi knights? Well, Kes Gray is!

On Friday 16th October, children’s author Kes Gray came to our school. He entertained the children with stories of his childhood aspirations, took them to Jedi training school and fired crackers across the hall! Raucous laughter could be heard from the hall when he told us that he was born with a moustache and grew up wanting to be a cowboy, then Batman and finally Captain Scarlett… indestructible!

Kes read from his many books, introduced us to the characters and gave us an insight into where many of his ideas originated. The children listened intently throughout and many have commented that they want to try one of his books, despite not knowing about them before.

The day ended with a book sale and what a choice there was. Kes spent time chatting with children before adding a personal message and signature to books and postcards. I’m sure many of these books have already been started, if not finished over the weekend.

Meeting a famous author in person is always special and I am sure the children and adults will remember Kes Gray for a very long time. We will certainly remember how to spot a Jedi when walking down the High Street. It’s all in the walk, apparently!



Mrs Thompson


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