Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery

Parent Workshops

Parents and relatives are encouraged to come into school to work with individuals or groups of children and share their knowledge and talents.


Likewise we believe that it is important for teachers to also share their skills and talents with parents, to enable them to support their children's home learning.

Very helpful and delivered in a way that I feel equipped to help my child at home.

One way we can share those skills is to hold 'Parent Workshops' which focus on a particular aspect of learning.


Our most recent workshop was for parents of KS1 and EYFS children which aimed to show parents how we use Numicon in school to help children visualise numbers.

It was a 'hands on' session, led by Mrs Thompson, where everyone got a chance to use Numicon, find out how it helps the children with their maths and even purchase a set for use at home.

Really useful to understand what/how the children are learning maths.

Fantastic being so visual.  I'm looking forward to trying this out at home tonight.

Numicon Workshop

A presentation was made to the parents which helped them understand why and how we use Numicon to support children in their learning of number.

A copy of this presentation can be downloaded below.


The parental feedback was very encouraging and examples of some of the comments can be seen on this page.

Please contact Mrs Thompson if you wish to purchase the Numicon set used in the workshop.
Numicon Workshop for parents.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [388.3 KB]

Found it extremley useful.  It is really good how it can be used for a variable age group.  It now makes a lot more sense.


I'm very impressed with the Numicon, it all makes sense now!  I will be buying a set to use at home and am pleased to be able to help Katie learn in the same way she learns at school.


Great summary of the concept and useful learning how you are developing the learning of Maths in school so we can mirror at home!

We need the boards too!

Numicon is a useful tool for children of all ages. Some of our older children have used it recently to help them understand how fractions work.

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