Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery
Welcome to Earls Colne Primary School and Nursery


I like them because they make all different things and also you only have to pay a small amount for them. My favourite is the 'All Day Breakfast' and I like the sponge cake with jam in it, the bits inside and the soft sponge. 

Jacob Year 3

Our menus are nutritionally balanced and offer a good choice, which the children really appreciate. 

We regularly offer special menus which reflect the themes of the curriculum for example 'Number Day' when everyone in school added a number to their school uniform, either stuck on or a numbered item of clothing (such as a football shirt).


Number Day Menu

2 fat sausages sizzling in a pan


1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4 wedges


Number Jack vegetable friends


Delightful sums


I think they are very nice and I like that they have a variety of meals. My favourite is the fish and chips on Fridays and american pancakes with syrup.

Oliver Year 4

The lunch menu can be found on the weekly newsletter.  This can be downloaded from the 'Newsletter' page found under the 'News' tab in the top menu.

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Click here to find out about our amazing Fireworks Display.  We raised a whopping £6758 for our school.

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